What is Haunt Scheduler?

If you manage a haunted attraction, then you know how scary it is to keep track of your personnel - messaging them, placing them in positions, making sure they show... not to mention the endless changes you make along the way! You've tried paper, spreadsheets, and whiteboards. Desperate, you scream "There must be a better way!"

And there is.

Haunt Scheduler is a web-based management tool that was designed by haunt owners. They know you need vital information from your actors; the ability to schedule and assign roles with an easy and efficient way to communicate.

Haunt Scheduler has many customizable features so you can tailor to your needs:
  • Collect personnel registration with branded portal
  • Create unlimited attractions, rooms, and positions
  • Send targeted communications using our filtered messaging feature (email/text)
  • Track data, create and export reports with ease
  • Keep track of personnel with Check In/Out feature
  • Automated notifications to keep actors on task
  • Team lead and additional administrative assignments
  • Costume inventory tracking
  • Make-up management

Plus, your schedule is available to you wherever you are connected. Haunt Scheduler helps you be more efficient, organized and less of a monster!

Try it for yourself!

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  • Memberships
  • Price Per Year
  • Unlimited Attractions, Rooms & Positions
  • Unlimited Actor Registrations
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Up to 20,000 Text Messages
  • Team Lead Module
  • Make-up Module
  • Costume Module
  • Bare
  • $200
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  • Manic
  • $250
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  • Scream
  • $350
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  • Monster
  • $450
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